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Aydın Governorship ,EU and Foreign Relations Bureau (shortly the EU Centre ), was established in 2010 in order to implement the legal and administrative reforms created during the EU membership process, their follow up, to introduce our membership process to society, to carry out works regarding the use of EU funds by public institutions, NGOs, private institutions and individuals and to guide the projects carried out within the city.


In the process of our country’s accession to the EU, Aydın Governorship through the EU Centre has the responsibility of running on the basis of cooperation, communication and coordination in Aydın Region in the process of Accession to EU and put it into effect throughout Aydın.


The duty of this department can be categorized in to following three points:


• To establish the necessary infrastructure,


• To prepare the City’s citizens for the E.U. citizenship,


• To make sure the citizens understand the process and implementations demanded by the E.U. which are binding for all E.U. member states.


Apart fromthis, The main duty of the organization is to provide training and advice about EU relations in co-operation with national/international organisations, cooperatives, associations, NGOs and institutions. It is an intermediary institution between SMEs and Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Exchange & EU. One of the most important mission of the Centre is to promote business activities and operations, give trainings at the local or international level. She has also the responsibility of supervising all the EU projects implemented in Aydın.


The EU Centre organizes regular courses, workshops on the demanded subjects required by the EU Accessing process as well as Project Cycle Management (PCM) E.U grants. The team has been organizing informative meetings for EU matters & funds, and project cycle management courses over 2000 people in the province and its surroundings and also have carried out many projects successfully.