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CEIPES–International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is a global and non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2007 and with antennas in other 8 European countries.


We believe that education and development are fundamental values to achieve peace and dignity for all human beings. Each individual and community has the potential to fulfill its rights. CEIPES acts as a facilitator for activating the community, through an educational approach in order to create and transform energy and resources. This process is necessary for both individual and social  development.


To foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights and international cooperation.


To promote non formal education as a fundamental tool in the education of youth and adults and as complementary to formal education.


To promote personal and community development through learning mobilities To create new innovative tools and methodologies to develop useful strategies in the field of education through the cooperation with public and private entities at local and international level.


To promote study, research and innovation, both methodological and technological, with the aim of giving scientific support to the the specific activities carried on by our association To encourage intercultural dialogue with the objective of fostering mutual understanding and respect between individuals from different cultures.


To promote peace, nonviolence and human rights as a fundamental tool reach a world of equality and solidarity in which all human beings can access to their fundamental rights.


CEIPES works at local, European and international level in synergy with more than 100 organisations, bodies and institutions with the objective of improving methodologies and technologies in the field of education, developing innovative strategies and participatory tools in the work with youth and adults, in the field of education and research through local and international cooperation.


At local level CEIPES coordinates the CEIPES Network, which is based in Sicily and counts more than 40 members among organisations, public and private bodies. The aim of the network is to promote the cooperation among different stakeholder at local level and to facilitate the access to European opportunities, such as learning mobilities and European cooperation.


At European and international level CEIPES works has a strong cooperation with more than 50 NGOs, universities and public bodies. The common pursued by all the partners is to realize a positive change, to facilitate the social cohesion in the respect of human rights and the active participation of all individuals for their full personal and collective fulfillment.