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Social ımpact and ınnovative education association is a non-governmental organization established in 2017 by a group of volunteers.


The aim of our association is to: Develop and implement innovative educational models for the solution of social, economic and cultural problems of children, young people, women, adults, immigrants, disadvantaged persons and groups, civil society organizations; to create social impact on all segments of the society by producing projects that will raise the awareness of related persons, institutions and organizations in order to combat social problems.



The primary goal of our association is to create a social impact in every field we work with and ensure sustainability of effectiveness. Social influence to raise awareness among all sectors of society for it to become permanent, establish a link between private organizations and public institutions, show active participation in the policy-making process related to problem areas, to contribute as an effective NGO to Turkey’s democratic development, starting from local our association are among the final destination. Developing new and different strategies to solve social problems, applying these strategies to the field and scientifically examining their results will make our association an important part of the decision-making processes in our region.